dwi attorney minneapolisWe speak to dozens who ask these questions every day:  

  •  Are I really required to hire a lawyer in my DWI case.
  •  What can I do to help my DUI case?
  •  If I represent myself, won’t I get the same deal with the prosecutor?

These are legitimate questions. These are legitimate questions that some attorneys won’t answer.  They will tell drivers it is always a good idea to have a lawyer for every crime. Drivers might be told by another attorney that if they don’t hire a lawyer, there is a high chance that they will end up in jail.

 A Minneapolis DWI lawyer can make a huge difference in many cases  

Do you really need a lawyer to handle your DUI/DWI/refusal case?

Let’s first divide drivers into two groups: repeat offenders, and first-time offender.

First-time offenders are unlikely to receive executed jail time. There are some exceptions to this rule. You could represent yourself and avoid jail time if none of these circumstances apply. As a first-time offenders, this should not be your primary concern. Do everything you can to prevent the DUI/DWI/refusal being added to your criminal or driving record. Without an experienced attorney, this is not possible.

You don’t have to worry about keeping your record clean of alcohol. An attorney is not necessary for most DUI/DWI offenses.You are not the only one who thinks you cannot win your DWI case. Both the cop who arrested and prosecutor would agree with you. DWI defense lawyers win DWI cases every single day, even when there seems to be nothing to contest. It is worthwhile to have an attorney review your case in order to determine if there are any issues worth fighting. Our clients have been found guilty in almost all DUI/DWI/refusal cases. You shouldn’t give up because you believe you are guilty.

Repeat offenders must ALWAYS have an attorney representing them in a DUI/DWI refusal matter. Each subsequent DUI/DWI/refusal is subject to greater penalties than the previous one. Every county has a different approach to repeat offenders. The penalties in a single county may vary depending on the judge or prosecutor who handles your case. Hennepin and Ramsey counties treat repeat offenders differently, as do Washington, Washington, and Scott counties. Even within Hennepin and Dakota counties, the prosecutors will demand different results for offenses committed in Minneapolis, Edina Eden Prairie, Burnsville Burnsville, Eagan or Bloomington.

We have dealt with DWI/DUI/refusal cases across all these jurisdictions, and many more. A skilled DWI lawyer can help you reduce and manage penalties in a manner that suits your needs and preferences. To be able to present the case in the best light, repeat offenders will need an advocate. An attorney can speak on your behalf, even if it sounds disingenuous. If you are still on probation from your previous DUI/DWI/refusal offense, or if there is more than one alcohol offense in your past, the judge or prosecutor will not likely believe that you have learned your lessons this time. This argument is more convincing when it comes from an attorney the judge and prosecutor already know and trust.

It is not only what is being said but also how it is said that is important. An experienced DUI/DWI attorney knows which judges and prosecutors to handle. Refusal or DUI/DWI convictions can be won even if you are a repeat offenders. No matter how many previous convictions you may have, each offense can be treated on its merits. There are no two cases alike. There are many ways that the jury can keep from knowing anything about your past to make your trial more fair. Many repeat offenders may have their cars forfeited or plates impounded. While the law permits police to make this decision, an experienced DUI/DWI attorney will be able to help you preserve your rights to challenge the validity and file a petition to review the court to obtain the vehicle and plates back. You have only 30 days to contest the forfeiture/plate impoundedment. Otherwise, you lose your right to do so. For a free consultation, contact a Minneapolis DWI attorney

What can I do to reduce my DUI/DWI/refusal charge to reckless or careless driving?

This question is a sign that you want to protect your driving record from showing an alcoholic-related offense. While reducing your DUI/DWI/refusal charges to something like reckless or careless driving is a good step, it will not save you record. Even if you are granted a reduction in your charges, the alcohol license revocation will be recorded separately on your driving record. It will have the same effect and consequences as a DUI/DWI/refusal conviction to auto insurance, employment purposes, and any future enhancements of a DUI/DWI. Even if the prosecutor agrees to dismiss all your charges, they cannot change that fact. You can petition the court for judicial review to remove the alcohol license revocation from your record.  This is the best way to do so.This petition must be filed within 30 days of the date you received your notice of license revocation. This petition cannot be filed without an experienced DUI/DWI lawyer.

What about public defenders, though?

You may be eligible for public defense if your case is financially sound.P ublic defenders are usually well-versed in DWI laws and can often speak with judges and prosecutors. Public defenders are often very busy and cannot dedicate as much time as private attorneys to your case. They cannot also handle your corresponding matters regarding vehicle forfeiture, alcohol license revocation, or plate impoundment without additional fees, as they are not criminal proceedings, for which a public defense is not appointed.

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