criminal defense attorney minneapolisAre you being falsely accused of a crime or charged with it? You are not the only one. You may think that cooperating with police is a good idea. You may think that if you don’t commit the crime you won’t need a criminal defense attorney.

This could be used by your family or loved ones to justify not paying for a lawyer.

You need a lawyer even if your innocence is not proven. You cannot have the court use your silence or your request to an attorney against yourself.

When your future is in jeopardy, it is a smart move to hire an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer. To learn more, contact Ambrose Law for a free consultation.

How a Minneapolis Criminal Defense Lawyer can Help

Criminal justice is a complex system with a lot of unfamiliar terminology, policies, procedures, and rules.Many people who are facing criminal charges make the fatal mistake of thinking that they will not be sentenced if they don’t have the crime. 

    They don’t realize the innocent people who are kept in American prisons.    

You can rely on a dedicated lawyer to help you defend your case.A criminal defense lawyer can offer many benefits:

  •  Your attorney will have extensive experience in courtrooms
  •  Your attorney will be familiarized with pre-trial motions, jury selection and other matters.
  •  Your attorney will have developed working relationships with local judges.

An lawyer on your team will be familiar with the criminal justice system from both sides and will have spent hours working on each side of “the fight.” Our team of lawyers can quickly assess your case and determine your defenses. Effective strategic planning is possible by understanding how similar cases are resolved.

Do not speak to detectives, investigators or police if you are facing criminal charges. For more information about your rights and options, contact our Minneapolis criminal defense attorneys.

A crime is serious if you are charged with it

A criminal conviction could result in fines or jail time. Even if these are over, your criminal record could still have collateral consequences that can impact your life.

  •  Background checks: Although a misdemeanor does not necessarily mean that you cannot work again, it will require you to explain the situation to potential employers.
  •  Minnesota licensing boards and agencies may notify professional license holders who are convicted of a criminal offense. An experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney will help you to keep your occupational licenses and minimize the negative impact of a conviction.
  •  Future legal proceedings: Your criminal record could be used against you in future legal proceedings, such as divorce, child custody, or business disputes.
  •  Relationships: Both romantic and platonic criminal records can cause problems in relationships. If you don’t disclose your criminal record early, it can cause embarrassment and even lead to questions. Your criminal record could be considered if you are interested in adopting children from someone who has children. Criminal records can lead to gossip, suspicion, hurt feelings, and a host of other negative emotions in friendships and acquaintances.

Ambrose Law has many years of experience in criminal cases. We have dealt with everything from misdemeanors and felonies. We know what’s at stake and what you are up against. If you believe you are innocent, contact us to learn how we can assist you.

MYTH: Refusing to interview or requesting an attorney implies guilt

You cannot deny being a suspect if you are considered a suspect by the police. It will be impossible to remove yourself from the police’s list of suspects or clear up any confusion. Remember the police’s role as a witness in your case.

Officers cannot reach plea agreements. They don’t believe you are innocent unless you are proven guilty.

   Less information means less ammunition for the police.    

Your conversation with law enforcement is the best time to assert your right to a legal representative. You have more power the less you speak.

TRUTH: Your attorney is the best way to reveal the truth

You are immediately up against an agency that is funded by many people. Even if your innocence is proven, the police will not decide whether you are charged. The prosecutor will decide.

Police officers are trained in gathering evidence, while prosecutors are taught how to bring about convictions. Your innocence and cooperation are not enough to defeat the coercive strategies of law enforcement and the prosecutor. An experienced lawyer can represent your defense in court if you are innocent.

A reputable Minneapolis criminal defense attorney is your best bet for winning your case.

Police Interrogations are not for the truth

The real-life interrogations of police officers are different from what you see in movies and TV. Although police may claim that they want you to be cleared as a suspect in an interrogation, this is not true.

Police are searching for evidence. In their pursuit of evidence, they are allowed to lie to suspects about many facts. They may claim that someone has confessed to a crime together with you or say that they have video surveillance which implicates you. These deceptive tactics, while controversial, are legal. 

  Police officers are taught how to establish rapport with suspects and make them feel at ease.    

In an interview you might be asked questions about:

  •  Your actions in the days preceding the crime
  •  Your education, your background, and your finances
  •  Your version of events, or what you believe occurred
  •  The victim/victim
  •  Your beliefs and opinions
  •  Other relevant circumstances that may have occurred.

Miranda warnings allow you to stop questioning at any time. However, many people don’t want to stop questioning. Instead of talking to police for hours and giving them pages of transcripts that could be used against them, they continue questioning. Remember that you have the right to consult a lawyer and are not required to answer police questions. Only a judge can make you answer a question.

You can’t avoid being interrogated and giving police evidence against you. Contact a Minneapolis criminal defense attorney to prevent you from falling into these traps.

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