The Longfellow neighborhood is known for several things. For years, it was renowned for its historic landscape, plus the history relating to the Dakota Native American tribe. This community is much more than its history. It really is a wonderful place to visit and live in the Minneapolis area.

Review Of The Longfellow Neighborhood

There are lots of places where you can get a lot of exercise. You can do hiking, cycling, running, and you may walk for miles in this scenic location. By way of example, it’s not too far away from the Minnehaha Regional Park, a spot which includes historical sites, gardens, and playgrounds for children. If you love going places during the night, the Trylon Cinema is really a destination that your family can enjoy.

Places To Nibble On In Longfellow

One of the more famous places to eat in Longfellow is the Sea Salt Eatery, a location that is right beside Minnehaha Park. There is the Sonora Grill that you can visit if you are near East Lake Street. You may enjoy seafood, tacos, and lots of other things you could eat there or take with you. Additionally, you will have the Longfellow Grill which has banana waffles, fish tacos, and tasty cocktails. The mix of all of these unique places to eat, and with all the scenic attractiveness of the spot, you will see why this is a great place to visit.

Where You Should Do Your Shopping

Moon Palace Books is probably the best place to go to if you enjoy reading books. It’s a fantastic spot to find bargains. If you like antiques, you need to look at the Paris Antique and Gift shop. There is the Turquoise Vintage and a local lost and found often has unique items that are available to purchase..

Ways To Get Around In The Longfellow Neighborhood

If you are concerned with transportation, there are many options available. Should you be close to the Midtown Greenway, you will have access to the light rail system. Additionally, when you are traveling in a rental car, you are not that close to the Minneapolis airport. If you rent a car you can visit the Mall of America, one of the first places where people often go when they are in Minneapolis.

For all of these reasons, you should think about visiting this great neighborhood of Minneapolis. It has a whole lot to provide for locals and visitors. Spend some time walking around and introduce yourself to the locals. Most people are friendly and can be quite useful when you are asking about unique places that you can go and see. Overall, this is an incredible place to go for anyone that has an interest in learning more about Minneapolis as well as its unique history.

East Lake Library

Head southeast on Minnehaha Ave toward E Lake St. Turn left onto E Lake St. Turn right. Turn left

Sonora Grill

From the East Lake Library – Head west. Turn right toward E Lake St. Turn right onto E Lake St

Brackett Park

From Sonora Grill – Head east on E Lake St. Turn left

Minnehaha Center

From Brackett Park – Head west on E 28th St toward 37th Ave S. Continue onto Minnehaha Ave. Turn left. Turn right

Arbreiter Brewing Company

From Minnehaha Center – Head northeast toward Minnehaha Ave. Turn right. Turn left toward Minnehaha Ave. Turn right toward Minnehaha Ave.Turn left toward Minnehaha Ave. Turn right onto Minnehaha Ave

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From Arbreither Brewing Company – Take Hiawatha Ave to S 7th St. Take the 7th St exit from Hiawatha Ave. Follow S 7th St to South 6th St. Turn right at the 1st cross street onto South 6th St

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