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Theft & White Collar Crimes

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Ambrose Law Firm, PLLC represents clients charged with various theft-related offenses. These often include: shoplifting, fraud, embezzlement, check forgery, financial transaction fraud, medicare fraud, identity theft, etc. Cases in this area can often be complex, which require attention to detail and intense dedication. Minnesota Criminal Defense Attorney Robert H. Ambrose has the skills and resources to take these types of cases head on. For a brief summary of cases in this area, please read below.



Theft is a very broad crime. Many different types of acts can constitute theft under Minnesota law. And the levels of theft range from Petty Misdemeanor to Felony. The main definition of theft and its variations focus on the intentional taking of property from another without consent and with the intent to deprive the owner of possession. Generally, any theft of $1,000 or more is a Felony. Between $501 and $1,000 a Gross Misdemeanor. And $500 and under a Misdemeanor. Some acts constituting theft include:

  • Shoplifting from a retail store
  • False Representation (deceiving someone that you will do something for them to obtain property; or, acting like someone else to obtain property)
  • Issuing a bad check (not forgery)
  • Theft by Swindle – tricking someone to obtain property or services
  • Motor Vehicle Theft

White Collar Crimes


White Collar Crimes encompass a wide range of frauds committed by professionals. Some of these crimes include: embezzlement, credit card fraud, computer and internet fraud, counterfeiting, securities fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, and antitrust violations. Simply being charged with one of these white collar crimes can tremendously impact a person’s life. They are all serious felony offenses that require a vigorous defense. Attention to detail and deep legal analysis is paramount when defending these cases. Attorney Robert H. Ambrose has been named a Ten Best Attorney Under 40 by the AIOCLA and a Top 40 Under 40 trial lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Organization.

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