Camden is a township located in Minneapolis. Since its development in the 1800s, this place was called Camden. In 1995, the town included the phrase ‘Webber’ to the name, hence the name ‘Camden-Webber’. The location consists of four borders: For the west – Penn and Newton Avenues, for the east – Interstate 94, for the north – the Canadian Pacific Railway, and south – Dowling Ave. Initially, Camden-Webber was more of an industrial community that had industries and factories, but it has grown to become more of a residential community.

Resources For Residents

The WCNO has worked relentlessly to build up and give resources to benefit residents in Webber-Camden. Regardless if you’re a renter or even a house owner in, the Webber-Camden Neighborhood Organization is instrumental in making you feel like you belong.

  • Buying a Home: Most people purchase their initial home with the First Time Homebuyers Plan.
  • Utility Disconnects/Energy Assistance: Your heating bill could be catered for by the Minnesota Energy Assistance Program.
  • Lead Paint Removal: You can get all of the information you need from Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

Information For Businesses

Minneapolis has a good reputation for supporting and growing local enterprises and brands. The WCNO is working towards assisting North-side start-ups and entrepreneurs start their business and prosper.

If you’re looking for any of the requisite facilities to help your business grow, you bet that they have it. You can find several industrial buildings available for rent by companies and businesses.


A number of the resources and amenities you can expect to take advantage of include jewelry stores, clothing, home good stress, bars, restaurants, retailers etc.

The Webber-Camden neighborhood has the Webber Parkway and Webber Park. These represent the two major parks which are often visited, particularly on the weekend. If you enjoy chilling, biking, sporting activities, or taking a stroll in the great outdoors, these represent the two best parks for your recreation activities.

Camden-Webber also has many resources and guarantees standard living costs and a chill environment for persons seeking to take a break in the big, noisy townships. This neighborhood has just about everything you need to reside a comfy life.

Final Words

If you are looking for somewhere interesting to be, then Webber-Camden should be your go-to place. It features a welcoming, friendly, and wonderful atmosphere. In the whole of Minnesota, the Camden neighborhood offers great accessibility to neighboring cities, and this includes Victory, Shingle Creek, McKinley, Lind Bohanon, Folwell, and Cleveland. It’s just simply a great neighborhood to reside in. Another thing about this neighborhood is it has a community association whose sole goal is working towards bringing business and other amenities into the neighborhood. The spot ia a community and everyone cares about their counterpart which is why the improvement of the neighborhood is key. With regards to crime and education, you can expect nothing but competency.

Folwell Park

Head south on N Newton Ave toward N 42nd Ave.

Camden Tavern and Grill

From Folwell Park – Head northwest toward 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Turn right onto 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Turn left onto N Fremont Ave. Turn right onto N 42nd Ave. Turn left onto N Lyndale Ave

Mississippi Regional Park

From Camden Tavern and Grill – Head north on N Lyndale Ave toward N 47th Ave. Turn right onto 49th Ave N, Turn left onto N Lyndale Ave (signs for I-94 W). Turn right onto N Mississippi Dr

North Market

From Mississippi Regional Park – Head west on N Mississippi Dr toward N Lyndale Ave. Turn right onto N Lyndale Ave. Turn left at the 1st cross street onto 53rd Ave N. Turn left onto N Humboldt Ave. Turn left to stay on N Humboldt Ave. Turn right to stay on N Humboldt Ave

Corner Coffee Camden

From North Market – Head south on N Humboldt Ave toward N 44th Ave. Turn right onto N 42nd Ave. Turn left onto N Thomas Ave

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From Corner Coffee Camden – Head south on N Thomas Ave toward 41st Ave N. Turn left onto 38th Ave N/N Dowling Ave. Get on I-94 E. Continue on I-94 E. Take Exit 230 and N 7th St to N 6th St

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